How we power up your emails

User-friendly collective inbox

Collate mails from your other email accounts including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc into the same inbox. Manage your emails and social media on the same page. Our email interface features drag-drop, filters, forwarders, mail lists, and more that allow you to enjoy a seamless mail experience.

Cloud storage

With a 5GB cloud storage, take your important files and manage them from wherever you are. Edit, collaborate and share documents and spreadsheets.

Prewritten auto-responder

Acknowledge your customers mails; send them pre-written automated responses. Choose from several preset messages and make your communications sound more professional.


Your enterprise email comes integrated with calendar and contacts features. It makes it easier to schedule meetings and calls with your clients. We have brought your mail, meeting requests, call reminders, all in one page.

In-built anti-virus

We have deployed Clam AV, an advanced anti-virus technology that safeguards your account from malwares, viruses and online threats. We help you stay clear of spam and junk mails that clutter your account. Your account also comes with its own digital certificate that encrypts all your email communication.

If you need more information on our packages and services contact us.