Meeting your business needs with G Suite

Real-time collaboration

Ideate and work together on the same document with your teams sitting across different geographic locations and on several devices simultaneously. Auto-save changes on real-time and do away with version control. Open and edit common file formats like Word, Excel and PowerPoint and also share with people who don’t have G Suite.

Make your content exciting

Get exciting with Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets and other Google apps from the package. Create brilliant looking content with apps’ intuitive interface. The entire suit is easy to use, yet makes your presentations and files looks absolutely stunning.

Save the date

Google Calendar’s neat and simple interface lets you create events and schedule meetings with your team and clients. Sync your calendar, contacts and email to your mobile, and get meeting alerts on your phone.

Conference calls made simpler and cheaper

Explore Google Hangouts’ conferencing facilities to conduct audio/video calls with your team and clients. Attend virtual meetings from home or office.

Storage so big

Get double the space than your free Gmail account. Also, unlike your enterprise email account, this 30GB space is across mail and all Google app file space, so choose how much mails or files you wish to store. No demarcations there.

Manage from multiple devices

Integrate your devices with G Suite. Access any file or mail from any of your device and save on real-time.

Integrate with Outlook

Used to Outlook email client? Just integrate your G Suite account to Outlook using Google Sync and continue to use your Gmail account from Outlook.