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Price starts from INR 60 / month INR 330 / month INR 1300 / month INR 2250 / month
Email Accounts included 1 6 26 50
Email Upgradable upto 5 25 49 200000
5GB Email Storage per AccountYesYesYesYes
Inbuilt Virus ProtectionYesYesYesYes
Mobile and Tablet Support (iOS, Android, etc.)YesYesYesYes
Social Media Support (Twitter, Facebook, etc)YesYesYesYes

How we give you the edge…

  • 5 GB Storage

    Get 5 GB storage space with each email account.

  • Credible SSL

    Inbuilt ssl to secure your emails

  • In-built antivirus

    Secure your account with best-in-class antivirus.

  • Access from any device

    Integrate your email account to IMAP/ POP3/ Webmail and access your mail from any device.

  • Keep your email smart

    Keep your email account smart, simple and functional. Our attractive ad-free and user-friendly interface offers necessary features and functions minus the distractions.

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Our advanced storage devices and architecture offer you 99.99% network uptime. This means that your data is safe and always available for you anytime, anywhere.

100% real-time security

From in-built antivirus technology to SSL certificates, our mail hosting services provide 100% data security on a real-time basis. Our data security experts have devised mechanisms that work round the clock to filter and stop unwanted spam, junk, and malware.

Data security

Your business email account comes with…

  • Customised Account

    Improved brand reputation when your business domain name becomes your mail id.

  • Fast loading interface

    Built on OX7; enjoy fast loading emails even from remote locations where there is poor signal.

  • Auto Responder

    Acknowledge your customers emails with pre-written messages

  • Calendar

    Use your email to easy schedule meetings and calls

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Here’s a quick guide to choosing the perfect email solution

Business Email vs Enterprise Email vs G Suite

Need a better comparison?

Business Email

Helps you get started with your professional looking mailing platform. A simple, safe and relatively inexpensive email account. USP: 5GB space, inbuilt virus protection, create mail lists.

Enterprise Email

Next level mail service that is power-packed with features. Safe and secured email account with a better storage space. USP: 30GB space, collaboration tools.

G Suite

Ultimate professional mail suite powered by Google Cloud. Secured by Google, an email account that comes with good storage and real-time collaboration tools. USP: 30GB cloud storage across mail and files, integrated social media, Google apps for business.


Available Mondays – Saturdays between 10 am and 8 pm IST for offline / onsite support. Need some assistance? Feel free to reach us by call / email.

Data security


  • Why do I need a Business Email?

    When you purchase our Business Email hosting solutions, you will get an email ID with your business domain name. A free email ID may be tempting, but when compared to, your mail id will read as Looks more credible right? Get more out of your mail id; let it function as your brand ambassador.

    Also, your business email comes loaded with features that include 99.99% uptime, built on robust hosting infrastructure, powered by the most trusted platforms, and much more at a very reasonable price. As a small business or a start-up, you can experience better brand recognition, and also get the flexibility to upgrade packages as your business scales up.

  • How big is my email account?

    With a massive 5GB storage per email account, you are at freedom to send / receive / store a large number of mails.

  • How do I configure my business email?

    You can use any desktop-based email clients to configure your emails. Choose from Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express / Mozilla / Entourage / Windows Mail, etc, just about any email client that you are comfortable with.

    Don’t worry, we will get you started with our easy to follow manual.

  • Do I get webmail access?

    A big yes! Simply use the URL: http:/ The login page will require you to enter your email id and password, and once entered you have a quick loading webmail access on-the-go.

  • Does it support all devices?

    Yes. It does. Our email solutions are powered by OX7, programmed on HTML5 and Javascript and compatible with all major operating systems. Be it iOS, Windows mobile, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, you can access your mails from any devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

  • How do I choose the right port for my business email posting?

    Most of the time the Outgoing Mail Server / SMTP uses port 25. In case you find that your service provider (ISP) blocking Port 25 for SMTP, try an alternative with port 587.

  • Do you have an option to create mailing list?

    Our business email solutions are all about supporting your business communication needs. Yes, you can easily create and manage multiple mailing lists. Add / remove recipients, appoint moderators, restrict a set of people from joining or ban an existing recipient from getting future mails. You are at complete liberty to exercise your distribution or mailing list.

  • What is your SPAM policy?

    We have an absolute zero tolerance for SPAM which doesn’t encourage unsolicited / bulk emails and spam. “Safe lists", purchased lists or selling of lists are also considered as spam and we reserve the right to terminate accounts identified as 'spammers' without prior notice.

  • How about Auto-Responders? Can I use one?

    Unlike SPAM, auto-responders is a safe feature that is available for you to use. It simply sends out pre-written messages or responses to users / clients who mail you.

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